Friday, November 14, 2014

The Anti Social Child protection worker for Le Sueur County Minnesota Sally Schroer has a profile picture on facebook doing Jello shots and a dozen other photos of her abusing hard liquor while raising two kids. The anti social chemically dependent le sueur County child protection worker does not even try to hide her chemically dependency.. Was she drunk when she sexually assaulted the vulnerable adult and assaulted a one year old to such a degree that she suffered a nervous break

Look who the alcoholic anti social cps worker is friends with.... The mentally unstable woman who beat the shit out of a 5 year old please see the earlier images posted of two separate accounts that 5 year Calob received severe head injuries for missing his mother and was later went from health to being diagnosed as suicidal after months of care by Melissa Dobmeier and her husband Tony Dobmeier Local Le Sueur County Mn Residents.They are still abusing the children. Cari Krenik altered paper work to fool a judge with the backing of Megan Gaudette and Brent Christian

Stop the sale of poor kids in Le Sueur County Minnesota Dirty County Attorneys and Commissioners are selling kids who are being repeatedly sexually molested

Friday, November 7, 2014

Judge M Michael Baxter No Longer Sells Poor Kids in Le Sueur County to functioning Alcoholics. He has moved his Child Trafficking Business to Dakota County. Being an Alcoholic himself It seems he may be partial to children being raised by Alcohol Addicted People who Abuse children so Badly that they are Diagnosed as Suicidal.

Melissa Dobmeier Per Sally Schroer Le Sueur County child protection worker who assaulted a one year old so badly that she experienced a nervous break diagnosed Melissa Dobmeier as Chemically dependent which resulted in the abuse of a 5 year old and seven year old who became suicidal in Melissa Dobmeier and her husbands  care .