Saturday, October 4, 2014

Assistant County Attorney Megan Guadette Local le sueur county Child predator not only looked the other way when Sally Schroer sexually assaulted a trauma survivor but also thought hispanic children diagnosed as suicidal after months of abuse by Melissa Dobmeier was Humorous. Guadette Explains she plans to focus her career on child trafficking in the family court system to defraud the Government of Federal funds . No one knew the Assistant county attorney for Le Sueur Hated the hispanic community to the degree she felt comfortable with Tony and Melissa Dobmeier abusing 3 children in to a suicidal diagnosis. The Dobmeier family is and has been unsucessfull at producing their own children and were not against beating down a young mother t get her children. They fought family members and stalked court hearings, and beat the 5 year old upside his head twice when he wanted his mom.