Friday, August 1, 2014

Brent Christian Meets Le Sueur County definition of Chemically dependent locals have come forward saying they have have seen the county attorney in a liquor store purchasing mood altering chemicals brent cared for these kids with mood altering chemicals in his home.

Baxter is trafficking children into the homes of people who are chemically dependent. Sally Schroer herself admits she is chemically dependent by Le sueur counties definition Melissa Dobmeier photographed in a bar with mood altering chemicals all over the table posing with her chemically dependent sister who drove these kids to school every day. She also told a 5 year old child his mother was a crack head for using a legal medication to treat ptsd. Meanwhile she is using chemicals to have fun.

Brent Christian is also using mood altering chemicals to have fun and kept these kids in his home for the weekend with mood altering chemicals in his home. They were taken from a home with No mood altering chemicals in it