Monday, May 12, 2014

Some people go to adoption agencies and well then there are others who have children illegally removed from a parent under false charges of abuse to assure they get healthy children

According to Sally Schroer the children experience mental breakdowns after being placed in the Dobmeier home and begin losing weight and refusing to eat and wake up having night terrors refusing to let the couple that immediately FORCED them to engage in their role playing games to comfort them (Per Irene Christenson's visitation documentation and Sally Schroer's documentation describing the effects of their heinous abuse of all three children that was the result of her personal hate for trauma survivors .

Sally Schroer than is specific as to the cause of all three of the children developing  mental illness. She states the once formerly three healthy children who are high risk and predisposed to mental illness due to  having a parent WHO HAS PTSD have now become suicidal as a result of being taken from their mother and placed in the home of Tony Dobmeier and his wife Melissa.

The Dobmeriers cannot figure out why the children hae become mentally disturbed in their care