Sunday, May 11, 2014

Melissa Dobmeier a woman so mentally disturbed she justified raping a mother of her children despite the fact that it made them suicidal as a result of never being abused or negletected other than the sick heinous abuse they endured in the Dobmeier home.

The kids state daily they would rather be dead than not be with their mom/,,, Tony and Melissa Dobmeier have made it clear that someone has to pay for their inability to have children

their hate for the disabled and their perverse delusional need to be parents is the reason why they wanted the trauma survivor dead

Sally Schroer almost killed her  so Tony Dobmeier could rape her of her children he did not care that they were never abused or neglected

All he cared about was his perverse attraction to the children that led to her nearly fatal breakdown

he needed to fulfill his needs and he did not care if that meant making the boys suicidal this was about him and his perverted attraction

the baby going back to the perverts house