Saturday, April 12, 2014

The Le Sueur County Attorney is elected by the citizens of Le Sueur County to a four year term. The current County Attorney is Brent Christian. The County Attorney has 3 Assistants - Michael T. Keogh, Jason L. Moran, and Benjamin J. King. Some of the duties of the County Attorney and his office are the following:

PLeased be advised 
if you have a disability  
If you are in the lower income bracket
If you have Children 
                                          you are not safe  

Multiple attorneys from this office participated and collaborated to take poor kids from their mother and have them sold like live stock to his childless relatives.  

They falsely charged Eugenie Harris with a crime that requires evidence  by a doctor that presents a physical or psychological injury from the target event . Victor Atherton Falsely assessed Maltreatment.

Jason Moran successfully charged Eugenie Harris for being to loud in her home during a break down and attempted to put her in jail based on the false charge of criminal child endangerment.

Jason Moran used terroristic threats to try and stop someone from filing a police report against his colleagues 

Megan Gaudette ordered the isolation of a vulnerable adult

Brent Christian ordered that children be removed because the parent was poor and used rules that did not apply 
Ben King innitiated the court procedings When laws do not apply to people equally we have corruption in the system