Tuesday, April 22, 2014

The Court of Appeals Judges:How can there be this many Corrupt Judges in one place!

The Court of Appeals Judges:How can there be this many Corrupt Judges in one place!


The 18 judges that are doing the job of affirming the breakdown of families is doing so in complete disregard of State and Federal Law..Wake up Minnesota and pay attention. They affirm termination on the basis that the parent could not maintain housing. Its simply not possible for that to happen because our reasonable effort laws put responsibility on the county to provide and teach the parent how to maintain housing. That being said its not possible for housing to show up in a district court's findings as a reason to terminate. It also should not be listed in appellate court reviews as a reason to affirm termination. If housing were to show up in an appellate court judges review then the district court erred in their findings. This is an easy overturn of no reasonable effort made. These judges are also terminating peoples rights for using alcohol, marijuana, and prescription drugs. The law states clearly that drug use must be the cause of the neglect.

 They are removing kids who are not neglected over prescribed and responsible use of alcohol or marijuana.

In one review a parent who was using marijuana to treat her ptsd symptoms which she never had in her home or used it around the kid,. She was never under the influence of marijuana, while caring for her kids. She was not buying marijuana instead of food. She was not leaving the kid unattended to buy marijuana. She was not leaving them unattended because she was passed out because of marijuana use.

Right now as we speak family is being forced apart to live in states like Colorado where marijuana is legal.  just to treat a child with seizures.  

 So they put her in treatment with no physical signs of addiction. Her paperwork lists her addictions as nicotine and marijuana. The nicotine is more harmful to Eugenie and those around her than the marijuana.

Study Finds: Marijuana, LSD and Ecstacy Less Dangerous Then Alcohol and Tobacco

Its the Marijuana use that got her kids taken away while she struggled to cope with sadistic abuse by three sociopaths Sue Rynda Sally Schroer and Cari Krenik  people who were scraped from the bottom of a garbage can and are the biggest waste of space to humanity

  The mother developed an infection in her mouth and had surgery on her mouth. The appellate court judges noted the treatment center had to tell her she is not allowed to use pain medication to relieve the pain of surgery and an infection. while she is in treatment. These judges used treating an infection with with surgery to remove three teeth, tylenox, and an antibiotic, while she was forced into a treatment program with no signs of addiction. 

not to mention the violence sue rynda has exposed vulnerable adults to and infants who were having mental breakdowns after being placed with a disturbed couple who developed a perverse attraction to the children