Monday, April 14, 2014

Eugenie Harris tested positive for marijuana her hildren are being drugged and abused in foster care
No drugs were ever found in the home not even any alcohol 

the mother was not under the influence when the caseworker broke in to her home  So how do we go from happy healthy clean baby proof plenty of food to the parent sleeping on the railroad tracks and experiencing a near fatal breakdown from enduring horrific violence from Le Sueur county humane services 

two of the children suffering mental breakdowns due to living with mentally unstable couple who boasted they were willing to torture the children as long as they could be parents ultimately inhumanely abusing them.
A 5 year old and 7 year old tell people daily they would be better off dead than live with the mentally unstable couple who actually requested that crimes  be committed  against the mother so they could keep her children. They never did have kids so they decided they would rather shred a family than adopt kids that actually needed a home. The children have been living with the disturbed couple for over a year. Family was denied because they are related to the county attorney