Monday, March 31, 2014

Victor Atherton who Is Over Sally Schroer

April 10 2013 AB phone conversation with Victor Atherton Lead child Protection Investigator 

Its important to note he is over The violent Case worker Who almost killed a former child rape survivor and caused her hildren massive psychological injuries due to her hate of their mother.

AB- your job is to build trust after children are removed. The caseworker deceived the client rather than be up front with him. 
Victor Atherton - We managed to find a legal loophole. 

AB- you actively looked for a way to deceive a member of the family you are trying to help? If you deceive one you have now become untrustworthy to the rest .........

AB Is there a reason you felt it was appropriate to intentionally deceive versus being upfront with your clients that you are or should be helping.

Victor Atherton- we managed to find a legal loophole.

AB- What??
According to human service policy and procedure these two individuals should have been removed from the mothers case because they have unresolved mental issues that prevent them from helping her.