Saturday, March 8, 2014

this just in boys are telling people they would rather die than live with the Dobmeiers

This is common when the mentally unstable are not screened out of the foster care system. children are sexually and physically abused. Many more are even murdered . The boys need to be careful because when they rebel they have received blows to the head and been told their mother is a crackhead. This is possibly what is used as a punishment when the children  refuse to role play for the mentally unstable couples delusional fantasy.  Though psychologist have repeatedly reported that the couple stalking the mothers chips hearings should have warned people who were involved in protecting the best interest of the child. 

They did not charge Victor Atherton for making false allegations of maltreatment, Anything correctable  with an educational pamphlet and includes details that some people get a special pass( is not a criminal act).

It is a hate crime committed by those who labeled it a criminal act City Attorney and Lead CPS investigator
charging a trauma survivor for being to loud after her children are abducted on an illegal break in and a false charge of maltreatment not once but twice.


 Tony and Melissa DOBMEIER do not just have special waiting areas in court room they also have  special reserved seating in hell . Their time comes no god will forgive them for torturing children and forcing them to get the child predators off daily. JUST KNOWING THERE IS GARBAGE OUT THEIR LIKE Tony and Melissa MAKES ME SICK.
Psychologists said that there may be more going on due to the couples disturbing stalking and willingness to solicit the judge to purchase the mothers children paid with tax payer dollars
rather than
place them with family who is trained in human services and now taking courses for GAL
spent over a year with the almost daily

raised her children and  does not have the mental instability Tony and Melissa Dobmeier have. Which has caused them to intentionally abuse and maltreat children that are not theirs.Forcing the kids to engage in disturbing  role play.

The mother for the first time in her life will have family and support to let her know she is loved and encourage her. They will let her know she is worth it. No other person has ever shown this amazing person that kind of love or treated her with any sense of value.

True heros know and an see recovery and act as a bridge to see a family reunited

Ms Bracken  is involved in family support groups for trauma so they know how to support safely.

The only chance of recovery is with her family around her.

There is a way to safely do that in a safe environment and allow mom to interact with her children so they are not in pain.

Their mother according to specialists is loving and nurturing no criminal record takes care of the elderly so she is able to pass back ground checks and drug tests to work in these environments

AB would force her to back and forth to be a parent and not allow people who are toxic be involved with ongoing therapy she will then decide on her own to let go of toxic people.

She has only always needed guidance and good people in her life. Unfortunately she got stuck with

child predators with sick delusions involving other peoples children

Judge Baxter, Sue Rynda, Sally Schroer, Cari Krenik, Jason Moran, Darrell Pettis, Brent Christian, Rose Valdez 
dangerous people who will do sick things to people because they were beaten and raped in captivity as a child