Sunday, March 9, 2014

The Programs she was in*************

I am going through AB's notes and she has listed in her notes a meeting with out patient fountain centers AB asks shouldn't she be treated for her cptsd while the county is abusing her by trying to sell her children to child abusers . She is being re traumatized. The person said if she requires medication then we cannot help her.

AB says I just don't understand how not getting treated for the cptsd is a good idea while Krenik is abusing her. Jazmine said to AB you need help go to some meetings.

Eugenie Harris had an appointment with the dr. she is struggling to get up each day without her children. Normal for any parent who has just been raped of her children because the Dobmeier's  feel they are entitled to any poor kid they want.

The Dr asked Harris were you being treated for the symptoms at fountain center out patient ? No she said . The doctor said if she is separated from her children and she has cptsd she was never going to get through that unless she knew her kids were safe and she was doing talk therapy with prescribed medication for ptsd

 AB you were not wrong and do not need meetings

There was another statement made about being enmeshed in another program The psychologist said if she has difficulty articulating it would require  someone speaking on their behalf.  The psychologist asked for the names of everyone involved . Mainly because they have the potential to hurt someone.

Sue Rynda
Cari Krenik
Rose Valdez
Sally Schroer

West Hills Lodge in Northfield
fountain center out patient faribault
we will get the mental health practitioners names and list them