Saturday, March 1, 2014

Relative Search: Preserving Connections
Foster care and/or adoptive placement with a relative or kin is
the best way to preserve connections for a child who cannot
live with his or her birth parent(s).

 A child can maintain connections with relatives even if the relatives are not foster care or adoptive
placement resources.

Relative Search: Preserving Connections (con’t) Engage family members to determine a child’s
connections to his or her:
 Siblings, grandparents, aunts, uncles, other family members, Godparents, mentors,
coaches, teachers, neighbors, friends

 Community

 Tribe
 School
 Church or other faith community
 Pets
 Sports and activities
Engaging Relatives
In addition to the child, positively engaging
relatives also helps:
 Birth parents – Builds trust to develop a
relationship that allows a parent to focus on
reunification and the case plan.
 Foster and adoptive parents – Develops potential
resources for cultural guides, respite providers
and sources for concrete tasks [e.g.
 Social workers – Develops relationships that
promote timely permanency planning and helps
establish supports within the extended family

Benefits of Relative/Kinship Care
 Family preservation
 Family system maintains
the role of primary care
provider for the child
 Reduced loss and
trauma for child
 Increased maintenance
of a child’s connections
 Increased placement

Why Is Placement Stability
 Minimizes child pain and trauma 

In Le sueur County Sue Rynda tells case workers to alter paperwork so the children cannot be placed with a relative. In the event  that does not work make up false allegations in a court of law to prevent the family member from taking the children. The children have begun to show signs of developmental delays, isolating, attachment disorder.  Severe separation anxiety fro their other at visits . child therapist is saying the children require more therapy because of the severity level of their pain they have been experiencing since the county employees started preparing them to be sold to child predators related to the county attorney 

Lessens child attachment issues and 
emotional and behavioral disorders 

these kids have been showing signs of behavioral disorders as the result of being separated from a parent who cares for the elderly. All experts testified all she needed was a parenting class.

Decreases school mobility and increases 
academic achievement 
Maximizes continuity in services, decreases 
foster parent stress and lowers program costs 
 Increases the likelihood that a child will 
establish an enduring positive relationship 
with a caring adult 
Sue Rynda did not see to are the children are showing signs of behavioral disorders.

Peter J. Pecora, Ph.D., Promoting Placement Stability in the