Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Megan Gaudette

Assistant County Attorney/Associate at Christian, Moran, Keogh & King
Decided it was in the best interest to isolate a trauma survivor so that Sally Schroer could continue to abuse the disabled parent. The county attorney has childless family members looking to own poor kids and are willing to cause the death of a mother so their needs can be met. They also admitted to emotional torture of the children to get their needs met. 

This is scarry!!!!!
I will be focusing on juvenile protection, juvenile delinquency, civil commitments, and guardianships/conservatorships for the Le Sueur County Attorney's Office, and will also have the opportunity to do private client work.

she is dangerous we have been un successful in getting the state bar to take this seriously but now we have the state saying Harris is a vulnerable adult and release of information needs to be honored.