Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Look what happens after sally Schroers violent attack on the children

Age four and six they are so disturbed after the psychological terror that Sally Schroer put them through as a result of her violent behavior.With approval of Victor Atherton,  Lowell Freeman, Susan rynda, and Darrell pettis.They are all in agreement that if Schroer had broken in with out consent and interviewed a child and then broke in again, going through closets and dressers and testifying she searched a home from top to bottom again without a warrant probable  Cause. Then she tells the mother going to the bathroom is a crime if children are in the home and she would be removing the children. 

the abuse caseworker documents happy healthy children prior to her iolene against a disabled mother for being poor and three small children. Approved of by Victor Atherton Lowell Freeman Sue Rynda and Darrell Pettis  the county commissioner.

Also county attorneys said the abuse and violence against vulnerable citizens is not a crime. So they placed fraudulent charges against the mother. Below is the result of Tony Dobmeier and Melissa Dobmeier care and it was approved by Victor Atherton,  Lowell Freeman, Susan Rynda, and Darrell pettis whom seem to agree poverty is a crime.