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Can a judge court order a signature on a child protection case plan? No.... Judge M Michael Baxter may be the only judge in the US that has that power

Can a judge court order a signature on a child protection case plan 

According to schroer's notes and the finding of facts along with numerous interviews; Baxter court orders the signature on a case plan. That allows searches unrelated to the relevant facts.

 The court has no authority to force anyone to sign anything. They can tell them that if they don't agree to some kind of compromise, then the court will rule however it sees fit, which could mean the mother loses her parental rights. The mother needs an attorney ASAP, whether it is a public defender or a private attorney.
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Asked 6 months ago - Owatonna, MN
Parents refused to sign off on a child protection case plan. The judge orders the mother to sign


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    Answered I am not aware of any authority to make a person sign, but failure to sign is failure to cooperate and failure to cooperate often leads to a decision to terminate rights. it is usually better to make sure you understand the plan and if there are concerns discuss them with the child protection persons. You should have a public defender or private attorney.
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    Answered If you're talking a safety plan as part of a juvenile proceeding, I'm not aware a judge can force a signature. That said, the threat of permanent termination of parental rights is looming in the background if the parent does not comply with the safety plan. That's a powerful motivator even if it technically doesn't force a signature. Mother should get an attorney to help her if she doesn't appreciate this risk.
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