Sunday, March 30, 2014

CAN I SUE CHILD PROTECTIVE SERVICES FOR DRAGGING MY NAME? In this situation you can go after the social worker individually


I wish to inform you that action may be taken against social worker and not CPS. In this regard the social worker had misled court by false accusation thus social worker may be held guilty of misleading court. You may show evidence through conduct of social worker that there has been intentional wrong statement. You may initiate contempt of court or perjury proceedings against social worker.

False Criminal charges of criminal child endangerment which requires evidence of physical harm or psychological damage measured with a diagnostic assessment.

I will be posting the three or four letters sent to  (Jason Moran Le Center City Attorney asking him to stand down on prosecuting the mother  for the false charge in which he had no evidence to support his findings. Something correctable with an educational brochure and an explanation that the school endangers children with a special pass (Victor Atherton)  is not a criminal act.

Jason Moran said this is not perjury
April 11th 2013 Documented phone call-Welcome  Manor
AB: I was just calling to verify that you did or did not have beds for Eugenie Harris and her three children.
Welcome  Manor Employee Rita: Yes we did.
AB: Thank you

Case worker altered paper work to non relative so the judge would not get the family paperwork 
Disabled Mother is not discriminated against (Jason Moran Le Center City Attorney)
The termination of parental rights order Authored by Sally Schroer. 
Mother Failed to Maintain Housing

From October through January case plan has the following services listed that will be provided by the county

December 2012 Finding of facts does not mention cut services

Below is Schroers courtroom testimony on how long Sally Schroer had that service in place they were cut without Notice to the family. 

Its Sally Schroers job to notify the family and assist making other arrangements for the family and help her find replacement housing. Below is  how she helped in her notes.

                                                         Sally Schroer testimony

January 2013 the mother learns Schroer cut the service from the landlord and that she is being evicted.
All the case plans still show housing listed as a service and that it is in tact.
Eugenie Harris questioned Schroer about what happened and again asks for assistance from Schroer.
Schroer  replied I am done helping you. Eugenie Harris had no time to make arrangements to prevent homelessness.
Schroer writes in the TPR failed to maintain housing

January 14 2013 
Eugenie Harris  has a break down and consumes nearly a full bottle of alcohol in her home that nearly killed her. Trauma Survivors will have breakdowns if they are being abused. The breakdowns often look like bad behavior. The County charges her with disturbing the peace for being to loud in her Apartment.