Monday, March 17, 2014


Subdivision 1.

Subd. 2.Identification of services to be provided.

If a county has made reasonable efforts to provide services according to the service plan under section 256M.30, but funds appropriated for purposes of sections256M.01 to 256M.80 are insufficient, then the county may limit services that do not meet the following criteria while giving the highest funding priority to clauses (1) and (2):
(1) services needed to protect individuals from maltreatment, abuse, and neglect;
(2) emergency and crisis services needed to protect clients from physical, emotional, or psychological harm;
(3) services that maintain a person in the person's home or least restrictive setting;
(4) assessment of persons applying for services and referral to appropriate services when necessary; and
(5) public guardianship services.

Subd. 3.Denial, reduction, or termination of services due to fiscal limitations.

Before a county denies, reduces, or terminates services to an individual due to fiscal limitations, the county must meet the requirements in this section. The county must notify the individual and the individual's guardian in writing of the reason for the denial, reduction, or termination of services and must inform the individual and the individual's guardian in writing that the county will, upon request, meet to discuss alternatives before services are terminated or reduced.

Sally said she cut the housing without notice because it was too expensive in her notes and in court.  While she continued to send case plans that included housing support. When the family was notified of the case workers criminal intent to harm Genie there was no time to prevent homelessness. as sally had planned. This was listed in a policy and procedure complaint that the Commissioner of Le Sueur County human services  SUE RYNDA  also supported by Darrell Pettis the County Commissioner.  He has opted to support the abuse of a trauma survivor which took place with the approval of Sue Rynda. Rynda insisted the mother with a disability be isolated for exploitation purposes so that children could be provided to the county attorneys childless family members.