Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Why are these kids in foster care ?

Wow they removed 3 normal children to keep them safe they did not even qualify for grants because they were so normal and healthy. 
They spent one year in protective custody and they are now being drugged and diagnosed as mentally disturbed . They are also experiencing developmental delays.  

Why are these kids still in foster care?

We feel that it is in their best interest of the children after all the mother was poor (so she has it coming)  

we Le Sueur County take full responsibility for  causing these normal healthy children to be mentally disturbed, and feel it is in there best interest.

That is all we have for a reason. Usually people don't require us to explain that, which is why the children are now mentally disturbed. With brain damage 

the Dobmeiers take in three kids and cause them to be mentally disturbed. The paper work indicates they simply cannot do the required therapy these kids need. The reason these kids  require so much therapy is because the county removed them from a nonabusive bonded parent. These 3 kids are genetically predisposed to mental illness which is why the abuse and psychological torture of a 5 and 7 year and 2 year old have taken its toll on these little ones. 

Why are these kids still in foster care
Why are these kids in foster care?

Why are these kids in foster care