Tuesday, February 18, 2014

The good News about the Law Suit is all Evidence is in! A federal judge needs to be convinced

that standing outside a home divided into three apartments with all tenants home a reasonable person hears a baby cry for only a couple minutes they have the right to conduct a warrantless search. They also have no witnesses a child ever crying no one in the home heard it

they will have to prove in a federal court that it was imminent danger and near death which is why they removed the children and used the wrong laws to commit fraud to collect federal funding

minnesota does not allow poverty to be a factor

so there were no services that were available to help the mother with keeping the family together. By the time this goes to trial schroer blocking and cutting services and krenik altering paperwork will have been turned in to the state and the paper work has been mailed to US department for investigation

My favorite she really shot herself in the foot so to speak i will not send those kids like she had a choice under reasonable effort laws

Irene goes to faribault to do visits but she won't do a  visit in faribault for Genie can you blame her

shari solheim
send email to treatment center she really has a low iq and way more problems and we planned her termination early

The sale of these kids will cost the county way more than they will ever  be able to comprehend