Saturday, February 8, 2014

it is difficult to adjust when you see county state and government officials rape a trauma survivor of her children

 Rice county- I attended a Banquet and  watched a community spend thousands of dollars on support for things like housing, trauma care for parents who have survived horrific abuse.

If you are homeless
if you have problems with chemical dependency
if you are running from abuse identical to what Le Sueur County child protection workers Cari Krenik, and Sally Shroer did to Eugenie Harris a trauma survivor (approved by Susan Rynda the head of Human Services) Who requested complete  isolation so the pair could continue violent acts of terror against children and a trauma survivor.

When you go from Le Sueur County to Rice county you have to take a step back and remember the violence committed by the Government,  state, County, and City officials is not everywhere. It seems to be isolated to Le Sueur County.

I was  amazed and felt so blessed to be surrounded by the people of Rice County. They recognise that the family is the backbone of their Community. They believe when the wounded find an entire community that says  you are valuable and are given acceptance for the first time in their life; they will recover  and reach out to the next person in the same way.
 Mother after mother said I was  new in town, I did not know anyone, I was homeless with three children, and unemployed. Identical to Eugenie Harris's situation. They found employment, housing, medical for mental  and physical health etc. They were not persecuted for what was done to them. In one county a case worker makes a note CB arrived at the courthouse on foot (SALLY SCHROER) In Rice County donations of strollers and bus vouchers are made to parents with no transportation. In Le Sueur County a lead investigator is saying did you think you would not be noticed walking all over town making yourself seen (VICTOR ATHERTON) because you were abused it is only a matter of time before you will abuse your kids(VICTOR ATHERTON)

then the  other holds benefits for donations to support and heal the members of their community  in need. Loals spent thousands to support training in trauma to better help and properly support the members of their community who have been raped repeatedly in captivity since childhood.  Locals brought in home made baked goods that sold for 3-6 hundred dollars a cake, an empty jug of milk brought in 3 hundred dollars and was auctioned off about 5-6 times and one cake was auctioned off twice.

The correctional facility donated two wooden rocking horses and they sold for 3 hundred dollars each they were then donated back  into the community for their members  in need.

They are putting a new house of hope up in walcott township they are trying to get enough money together to start a new women's and children's shelter in Northfield.

They are paying for
legal services
health care mental and physical
parenting education
education support
food support
chemical dependency
Domestic violence support and education
to name a few