Monday, February 3, 2014

Illegal adoption by CPS overturned after 13 years NEVER STOP FIGHTING

When you nail these people with a crime the illegal adoptions get overturned so never stop we are in the process of a chronology report which is brutal to do but the county involvement is a felony for each person and stopping them from selling another child into forced adoption is crucial.. it could be your kid next. I heard These people have been stalking chips hearings again for another kid.

Sue Rynda head of human service told Bracken thats to bad Cari Krenik did the wrong background check so the kids could be sold what i know is they will still be sold to the mentally unstable people who placed an order for them despite my county worker committing crimes to push the sale of the children through.

This is a test case if the county can sell these kids they are looking for more I guess