Wednesday, February 19, 2014

how does this help when the judge is biggest criminals involved

After all Judge M Michael Baxter was pimping out other peoples children for people who 5 psychiatrists all agree displayed severe mental instability. Specifically displayed in stalking hearings that were isolated for the mother and their solicitation of a judge to have children raped from their mother so they could use the to get themselves off.
Late on a warm August evening in 2008, Robert Andrews was standing in his yard when three caseworkers with the Department of Children's Services and two Hickman County deputies drove up, got out of their cars and asked to go inside.
Andrews said no, but the caseworkers and one of the deputies went in anyway, searched the home and took each of his four children aside for interviews. Then the officials left. Neither Andrews nor his wife, Patti, was ever accused of a crime in connection with the visit.
The events of that night led to a lawsuit, one of two similar legal challenges filed by families against caseworkers. Both challenges were taken up by a federal appeals court. And in a pair of recent rulings, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit used the cases to spell out for the first time that caseworkers, like police, are governed by the U.S. Constitution's Fourth Amendment, which protects citizens against searches and seizures done without a warrant.
DCS response to the July 31 ruling, however, is drawing criticism from child advocates and juvenile judges.
The agency told caseworkers this month that they can no longer remove children from homes without an in-person court hearing, a process that can take days — or longer in some rural areas — and potentially leave a child being abused or neglected in dangerous homes until a judge can review the case.

Judges don't review shit they are signing off of tearing a child from their family based on the words OF PSYCHOPATHS WHO HAVE PROBLEMS WITH PATHOLOGICAL LYING (CARI KRENIK) AND (SALLY SCHROER) TWO OF THE MOST VIOLENT WOMEN I HAVE we all agree that it is in the best interest of the child with nothing backing those words and not one person who has any expertise in finding that conclusion. Sally Schroer is suffering from an education deficit in how to be a human being in sociology in human service field