Sunday, February 16, 2014

How Common is Organized Crime Among County, State, and Government Officials in Minnesota, Like it is Among the Uneducated Bigoted in Le Sueur County Who are Abducting the Children of the Poor and Disabled for Profit

A young mother in another County just reached out to the facebook page we have not been able to make contact with her yet. She has been looking for other people in the state of MN who are being terrorized, and their children being sold by means of organized crime that exists among the County officials to profit off the poor and disabled by selling their children

In this case the mentally unstable couple who placed an order to keep the children are relatives of the county attorney

The answer to the question; it is very  rare to have Those who are in positions to help the poor and disabled almost kill them. Then auction their children off to childless family members. How do you know this is an investment for the county?

they had to change paperwork perjure documentation and cut support services to the family. They put children in foster care for a parent being poor a crime in minnesota but To these officials having a disability and being poor is a crime.

The best interest of these children is not a priority