Saturday, February 15, 2014

Guardian ad Litem not immune to suits ROSE VALDEZ

Guardian ad litems and Appointed Counsel are not protected by immunity. In Wiederholt v Fisher, 485 N.W. 2d 442, 169 Wis. 2d 524 (1992) “In child custody matter, guardian ad litem does not represent child per se; rather, guardian ad litem’s statutory duty is to represent concept of child’s best interest.” When those guardian ad litems don’t bother to meet the minium standards – they become subject to liabilty. (Collins v Tabet, 111 N.M. 391,806 P 2nd 40 (N.M. 1990)
In other words when a Guardian ad litem just goes through the motions and does not really work the case they can and should be held liable. Most Guardians don’t work for the child, they work for Child Protection Services.
According to Bonds, 64, N.M. at 345,328 P. 2nd at 599 the appointment as guardian ad litem of a minor child is in the postion for the highest trust and no attorney should ever blindly enter in an appearance as guardian ad litem and allow a matter to proceed without a full and complete investigation into the facts and law so that his clinets will be fairly and competently represented and their rights fully and adequately protected and preserved….

Little to No Trust for Guardian Ad Litems and Attorneys For the Children

We have come to the conclusion through our own experiences, case histories of other people going through the corrupt CPS circus and other reports that anyone who is going through a CPS A&N case should be cautious in regards to any guadian ad litem or child's attorney who has been appointed by the judge in your case.

On the surface, the idea of someone representing your child in a CPS case sounds good. You may even get a false sense of security that they will do the right thing by your child. Don't be fooled, in most every instance, they are in collusion with CPS.