Monday, January 20, 2014

These kids have not seen their mothers face for 6 months because child predators related to Le Sueur County Attorney placed a purchase agreement

These people were not blessed with children for a reason they are child predators the child psychologists had a field day with the county attorneys mentally disturbed family members trying to purchase poor kids and questioned possible sexual abuse because of the couples predatory nature to stalk the hearings and place a purchase agreement WITH JUDGE BAXTER so they could continue using Eugenie Harris children to get the selves off......

The family is reporting the evidence of maltreatment PHYSICAL MENTAL AND CHECK FOR SEXUAL BASED ON THE UNHEALTHY PREDATORYT STALKING THEY OITTED TO GAIN CONTROL OF ANOTHER PERSONS HILDREN WHICH IS SEARIOUSLYMESSED  UP BEHAIOR   perjury criminal intent by all key people Judge Baxter two assistant county attorneys one county attorney 2 COUNTY commissioner   a gal head of human service supervisor of cps child abuse physical mental