Monday, January 27, 2014

 List of people involved inn the sale of Eugenie Harris's children they either conspired against her or were Negligent to investigate the crimes comitted against her.
Judge M Michael Baxter former Le Sueur County Attorney Now raping the poor single parents of their children to farm out to his family friends in Dakota County
Rose Ann Valdez Guardian Ad Litem
Brent Christian Le Sueur County Attorney and on the board of Comissioners
Darrell Pettis Le Sueur County Comissioner
Megan Elizabeth Gaudette Le Sueur County Assistant Attorney
Jason Moran  Le Sueur County Assistant Attorney
Jennifer Cooklock Niccolette County Assistant Attorney
Susan Rynda Head of Le Sueur County Human Services
Lowell Freeman-Le Sueur County Human Services Supervisor of Child protection
Victor Atherton -Le Sueur County Human Services Child protection Worker(RETIRED) hopefully will be doing soe jail time
Sally Schroer -Le Sueur County Human Services Child protection Worker
Cari Krenik -Le Sueur County Human Services Child protection Worker
Tony and Melissa Dobmeier mentally unstable  childless couple (per Rose Ann Valdez GAL and two psyhologists who agree the ouple should seek mental help if they reuestedcrimes to be comitted against a mother and  placed numerous orders to  to keep the children of Eugenie Harris. Also stalked the mothers   ourt hearings which ultiately eposed the disturbed couples mental instibility they are kin folk  to the county attorney who was doing weekend daycare for Eugenie Harris's Children.

the county attorney ia also related to the woan who told a grieing hild his mother was a crack head

Kids were placed in foster care with no supporting Minnesota laws that would allow it