Sunday, January 5, 2014

How Many People In this Group of 1,444 had Foster Care Providers Attend Every Hearing ?

I posted these questions in several groups and one person did admit to showing up at every court hearing but they also admitted they were guilty of participating in the process of raping the mother of her child. Otherwise they were not in attendance. Unfortunately once the baby buyer outed her self and outed herself as a hero  she was verbally attacked  by the group.. The baby buyer  referred to the mother as an addict and a hoe. Ms Bracken is in this group and said MS you are no hero Addiction is something one recovers from. So it is essential that the one person in their life not be taken permanently. This is the other problem Minnesota is going to be legalizing Marijuana this year and the FDA has approved it as the first mediation that address ptsd. Veterans in 18 some states are using it to control their symptoms children taken as a result of medical marijuana are being sent home.
  1. apologies i had to correct the number of group members i was looking at the wrong group when i recorded 

1) How Many People In this Group of 1,444 had Foster Care Providers Attend Every Hearing 
not in Iowa
not in Wisconsin
not in Ohio
they have no reason to be there are they stalking
not once 
Why did this happen to you?


Then they are not right... They are not Stable. Can you post this in the fight corruption group they have shrinks in that group who will be shocked by this..

Why wouldn't the county be concerned if they were doing this and ask them to stop? 
For that matter why was the judge not concerned about the behavior and move the kids. 

The Judge  M. Michael Baxter actually asked them any time the mother wanted to spend a birthday or holiday with her children, if it would intrude on the couples family time with the Harris kids. The Judge also provided special waiting areas for the foster care providers to wait before court  and included them in off the record conversations. The mother was forced to sit in the hall during these off the record exchanges.

 That's messed up! Did they place an order for the kids? It sound like a baby sale and the judge is in on it..

The county worker had the foster people  doing the parent child therapy instead of the mother. 

She cut services and abandoned her responsibility to provide support services to alienate the children from the mother. 

2) How Many Foster Care Providers Had Special Waiting Areas provided by the Judge.
They do not attend 
Why are they there 
foster parents do not attend court hearings !

3) How many Foster Care Providers were able to sit in on off the record conversations and the mother waited in the hall?

why would they be there?