Friday, January 3, 2014

fresh out of the human service manual that includes pattern and the mother is no risk or low risk

MN Department of Human Services
Social Services Manual
Children’s Protective Services XVI-4000

Based on statutes and rules in effect as of 08/01/2000

No Risk
Home is clean with no apparent safety or health hazards all food and medical needs are met on a continuing basis
Low Risk
No discernible effect on child Isolated incident the child knows emergency procedures and is able to initiate them when necessary
Moderate Risk
Caretaker is suspected of failing to meet the child’s minimum medical, food, clothing, and/or shelter needs Unconfirmed history or pattern of leaving child unsupervised Trash and garbage in uncovered containers, and overflowing Rodent and animal droppings Open spoiled food observed
High Risk
Caretaker is unable/unwilling to meet the child’s minimum medical, food, clothing, shelter needs for reasons other than poverty Confirmed history or pattern of leaving the child in supervised/unprotected for excessive periods of time Home in dangerous condition i.e. leaking roof, exposed wiring, no heat, broken windows, gaping holes Child has sustained injury or illness that required medical treatment due to the condition of the home


Sally Schroer - home is baby proof and clean with no safety hazards.. plenty of food and clean clothing and children are clean 

testing positive for thc - (8) chronic and severe use of alcohol or a controlled substance by a parent or person responsible for the care of the child that adversely affects the child's basic needs and safety. 
The County only has evidence of poverty and even then it does not meet the criteria of maltreatment or neglect or failure of anything..
 poverty is not a crime 
what is a crime is 
breaking and entering 3 dang times
false imprisonment
child selling 
embezzlement  of government funds
lining the pockets of county officials with tax dollars with no legal basis 
negligence to act 
child abuse 
lining ther pkets ofounty offiials with no legal basis 

They have the school tri -city united telling parent children ages 4,5,6, and 7 can make a 20 minute walk to school 

telling parents they do not want to pay for busing and to allow children to walk 20 minutes to school unattended.