Wednesday, January 15, 2014

The county worker dropping off diapers entered a private residence with out knocking conducted an interview with the child left and called the police the children were unattended for 15 minutes for a poverty related reason  in a clean  baby proof room with no safety hazards children were clean mom stepped out to use the neighbor phone because the school told her if she does not call the children in
they will target her for truancy

The mom does not have money for a phone 
she is new in town and does not have a local support network 
the children were all sick and the only person she knows who has a phone also has three little children the mother was concerned her children might be contagious she decided it was not a good idea to bring the children with in case they were 
she was absent for 15 minutes during this time a social worker broke in to the home 

 she had an officer there in under a minute and she entered a 2 time children were removed with no imminent danger and Le Sueur county  determined the single isolated incident of 15 minutes for a poverty related reason in a safe environment with no safety hazards is maltreatment 
 they placed the children in foster care because the mother did not have money for a phone 

despite Mn Guidelines saying poverty related reasons must never be determined as maltreatment and when it is determined to be poverty related it must be changed 

the kids are placed in foster care by the Le Sueur county with no supporting laws that will allow it the result of an illegal warrantless search and no support series before removal 

There was another incident as a result of the Tri city united school not wanting to pay for busing they were telling parents children age 4 5 and 6 are old enough to walk to school alone  though it is two miles away and a 20 minute walk 

The mother  let the two boys play at the park for 15 minutes based on this believing that it was fine. Le Sueur county attorney and cps decided that they should charge her with child endangerment and told her that it is fine if the school endangers children however it is a crime for Genie  to think that it was not wrong if the school is doing it

in a one sided court hearing Le Sueur county holds the children in care solely because they tested positive for thc 

no drugs found in the home and the case worker broke in three times testifying to searching top to bottom 
no mention of mom being under the influence 

mom was absent for 15 minutes calling school not getting drugs or using drugs 

the social worker offers no support services  is unable to identify poverty related neglect
the county attorney is doing weekend daycare  
and the foster care providers related to the county attorney are placing orders to keep someone elses children and forcing the in to sick role playing games 
the kids get worse and the entire thing is illegal but the judge has preserved waiting areas for the foster are providers and allows His former employee to call the shots with 100 no baking reasons 
judge terminates the mothers rights and the children have gotten worse in the abusive hoe because the people caring for them have been telling them they are getting rid of their mom