Sunday, January 26, 2014

Clint was in a bad car accident in October 2012. He was put on a "flight for life" and was hospitalized for a period of time. He does have a neck injury and will eventually need surgery. Also permanent nerve damage in his left ann. He denies any health conditions and says he is. .-A__otherwise healthy. He denies any MH or CD issues,  teenager. He does not take any medications. Clint was working as a cook at a casino. but had lost - ..J his job following his accident.

screwing the father out of his children by taking adantage of a major accident and cant work.. Schroer a preditor want to sell  his children to the mentally unstable couple who placed a purhase agreement with the county offiials physical harm came to the mother as a result of sally Schroer beating the shit out of her entally to sell her kids 

 I let Clint know that because the girls heve a little slsrer, that DES doe, make it a priority to keep the sibling group together. I told him that he would have to consult with an attorney to find out ~_.'(t\~ what his rights are with regards to obtaining custody of the boys, since he and Genie were never J~ __ ~ •.• + married at the time of their births.

consult an attorney she says. what is interesting is human services manuel says its the case workers job to get dad on board 

Clint said he tried to get money for the Nevada Rights for ~ ~ Dad's group, but he was unable to do SQ, .

"", I did let Clint know that the foster parents are interested in adoption so would be willing to adoptv-.i~ ~ all the kids if we cannot find a relative who can take all three of them. 

Schroer she testified in court could not get ahold of the dad