Monday, January 13, 2014

Charges Against Le Sueur county child protection Cari Krenik and Sally Schroer of child abuse and abuse of an adult Isolation to exploit

2 reports of child abuse have been made with the police station against Cari Krenik and Sally Schroer for a crime against children and and an adult with a disability

It is my understanding charges against the Dobmeier's will have to go through the county Sheriffs department because they are not in town. Essentially the goal is to make sure they never have another child placed with them as mentally unstable as they are.  That report will be done tomorrow. It will be reinforced at the state level. The couple were actually  attempting to purchase someone elses children by means of forced adoption . children through the county because the mother was poor and the county assisted in the purchase

I was informed the illegal rape of the mothers children and forced adoption that the county is pursuing as a result of the mother not having enough money for a phone, would be free for the well off couple  and their illegal adoption would be paid for courtesy of the tax payers

Which is way better than using those dollars to assist someone with a disability who is struggling