Friday, January 24, 2014

These Children Are stolen they have Family that love them and want them home

Irene Christenson is concerned for the boys because she believes they will likely turn oppositional as a result of the severe adveres effects that the parental alienation Le Sueur ounty has forced on them. They are only torturing these boys not because Eugenie Harris is a bad mother not because she has a drug problem that affects her parenting. Not because they could not place the  children with a responsible adult to keep the mother involved so they would not endure the cruelty...


According to Jason Moran the assistant county attorney who told Ms Bracken it does not matter what the state of Minnesota law says, it only matters that he thinks she tortured the children when they were left alone for 15 minutes for a poverty related reason in a clean babyproof room

Think about this folks a Lawyer who uses his personal beliefe system to apply the law and does not use the law itself to determine the law lets see if these attorneys have a history of targeting indiiduals based on poverty

A man who teaches gun safety classes is storing a loaded gun in his home where his wife has a dayare, Sally Schroer even reccomends the day are to parents in the area.

_________ has been licensed to provide child care at her home in Le Sueur, Minnesota since 2009
.1 This case arises from an incident involving the accidental discharge of a firearm that occurred

2 ______ husband, was at home with their children. He removed a muzzleloader from a locked cabinet in the bedroom to go hunting that day and was unaware that the gun was loaded. As he left the bedroom, Mr. Slack bumped the gun, his finger was on the trigger, the gun fired, and the bullet went through the open bedroom door, through the closed bathroom door into the bathroom, struck Mr. _____

nine-year-old son, __, who was in the bathtub, and hit the side of the tub. shouted to his daughter to call 911, and took ___ from the bathtub and to the kitchen. He applied pressure to the wound until the ambulance arrived. By that time, the wound, described as a flesh wound near the shoulder blade about the size of a pear or silver dollar, was not bleeding profusely; ___was alert and oriented. ___was airlifted to a hospital, he was treated, and he has fully recovered. The police found the bullet and a fragment in the bottom of the tub

3. ____ was not arrested; the matter was referred to the prosecutor for
review.3 Police Sargent Schelin reported that ______ fully cooperated with the
investigation, that he was clearly shaken and fearful for his son, and that the bedroom
was cluttered so that Mr. Slack could have tripped. Sargent Schelin did not believe that
the other children in the home were in any danger and he did not report the matter to
child protection.4

4. On December 21, 2010, the County received a complaint, referencing the
shooting incident and notifying the agency that in October the caller had seen a bow
and arrows left out in the home, accessible to children in day care. When asked why
she did not report sooner, the caller stated that she did not think much about it until she
learned about the shooting incident, and had noticed the bow and arrows again

5. This was the first notice that the County licensing staff had about the
shooting. The complaint was received by Linda Fischenich, licensing worker.6
 Ms. Fischenich requested a copy of the police report, and provided information to the
Department, but did not conduct any additional investigation.7

 16. None of the licensing workers visited _______ home after the ______ was
served on December 28, 2011.21 It is not clear who initiated a maltreatment
investigation of the gunshot; no maltreatment was substantiated.22

17. Ms. Fischenich has never been in the Slacks’ home. No member of the
licensing staff interviewed either _________ about the November incident.

63. Sally Schroer, a County child protection worker, is familiar with ______
and has visited her home many times. She never observed that the S home was 
dangerously cluttered, nor has ever observed any condition that she believed was 
unsafe. Although she is a mandated reporter of child abuse or neglect, she has never 
had any reason to make a report. She has referred two clients to S She 
acknowledged that, if she had reason to believe that a firearm was discharged in the 
home, she would not make a referral. 

65. Mr. S was very upset by the accident. He is a certified instructor for 
the National Rifle Association on rifles, shotguns and pistols, and a range safety officer. 
He teaches classes for those seeking permits to carry and conceal weapons and he 
teaches hunter education classes to high school students. He also teaches safe 
handling of bows and arrows and B.B. guns to cub scouts, including instruction on the 
ten rules of safe gun handling. Mr. S always unloads his guns before storing them 
and deeply regrets that he stored a gun returned by a friend without double-checking it. 
He has vowed never to loan a gun to another person.71

 The Administrative Law Judge recommends that: 
1. The Disqualification of ____ be REVERSED; 
2. The Order of Revocation be REVERSED, and _______license to provide 
child care reinstated. 
On Sept ? A other allows 2 boys to play at the park for 15 min she thinks this is aeptable beause tri city united does not proide children age 4, 5, and 6 who lie in a 2 ile radius walking to shool unattended. The other assumes a school would not place children in imminent danger to save money by cutting the busing. The mother uses the shool as a for of measurement. 

She made a quik trip to the store  and told the boys not to leave the park she took the one year old with her a police officer picked the boys up and took them home upon interiew the offier indicates the mother does not seem to think she did anything wrong. Using the school as a form of measurement 

Victor Atherton told her that the school has a loophole and can get away with it and beause she did not know that the school is endangering children that she is being criminally charged and maltreatment has been deterined just for her 

Not for the school who places children in imminent danger daily two times a day beause they do not have money for busing to keep the younger ones safe

No one is hurt
The shcool endangers children 2 times a day  everuy day because they do not hae oney to keep kids safe eposes them 2 ties a day to imminent danger aording to Mn state guide lines unattended near traffic is a crime

this mom leaes hildren unattended in lean babyproof roo beause she has been learely been unjustly harged with altreatent and a rie for being poor the ounty worker tells her if she cannot afford a phone she still has to call the school or she will harge her with truancy she has sick kids and worries they are contagious so she deides not to take the with beause they ight epose her  neighbors 3 kids to the illness

15 minutes in a baby proof room no safety hazards 
illega;lly reoved fro the hoe as a result of an illegal break in
kids are sold to the county attorneys mentally unstable childless relatives 
kept kids in foster are with no laws that allow it 

children are haing mental probles beause the are givers dont gie a shit about the hildren they want the kids to get theseles off and start stalking hips hearings