Saturday, January 18, 2014

Attention Nicollette County Jennifer Cooklock openly admitted to perjury to separate a mother from her child then laughed and said you can try to press criminal charges

Jennifer Cooklock is an assistant county attorney for Nicolette County the same as Megan Gaudette who  facilitated  a crime against a mother  because she was poor and because she was a trauma survivor. It sees Jennifer Cooklock shares the same hate for abuse victims and people who who are poor. She also had to violate and abuse a mother fighting for her children all it took was to lie in an argument for the appellate  court

When questioned Cooklock admitted she knew it was a lie  but did not have enough to force a permanent separation with out adding the false content. Eugenie Harris's children are currently being drugged and groomed by child predators Tony and Melissa Dobmeier.  They seem to have severe consequences when the children refuse to participate in the mentally disturbed couples forced role playing games... the four year old now age five has had his face busted open twice as a result..

The child predators placed an order with the judge to prolong the forced role playing games the children are required to participate in, to get the Dobmeiers off.

If you live in Nicollette County and receive services from the county and your children are under the age of seven they are in danger. Jennifer Cooklock is willing to commit crimes to see that they are sold to child predators like Tony and Melissa Dobmeier. Cooklock arrogantly laughed at a family member wonder why she would commit a crime against the mother when she knew the Le Sueur county was attempting to sell her children to predators..........   Cooklock laughed arrogantly at the person questioning her fabricated argument in the appeal to cause the mother to lose her children so they could to child predators