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Victor Atherton assessed that being poor is maltreatment of a child he delegated the case to an unlicensed worker by the name of Sally Schroer. 

2013 Minnesota Statutes


Subdivision 1.Requests for voluntary termination.

(a) A licensee may request voluntary termination of a license if the licensee demonstrates to the satisfaction of the board that the licensee is not engaged in the practice of social work in any setting except settings in which social workers are exempt from licensure according to section 148E.065.
(b) A licensee may apply for voluntary termination:
(1) at any time by submitting an application; or
(2) as an alternative to applying for the renewal of a license by so recording on the application for license renewal and submitting the completed, signed application to the board.
For applications submitted electronically, a "signed application" means providing an attestation as specified by the board. An application that is not completed and signed must be returned to the applicant and is void.
(c) The board may resolve any pending complaints against a licensee before approving a request for voluntary termination.

Subd. 2.Application for new licensure.

A licensee who has voluntarily terminated a license may not reactivate the license after one year following the date the voluntary termination takes effect. However, a licensee who has voluntarily terminated a license may apply for a new license according to section 148E.055.

Subd. 3.Prohibition on practice.

A licensee who has voluntarily terminated a license must not practice, attempt to practice, offer to practice, or advertise or hold out as authorized to practice social work, except when the individual is exempt from licensure according to section 148E.065.

Subd. 4.Disciplinary or other action.

The board may take action according to sections 148E.255 to 148E.270 against a licensee whose license has been terminated based on conduct occurring before the license is terminated or for practicing social work without a license.


2007 c 123 s 79,138
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Personal Information
Name (F,M,L):Victor William Atherton
Practice City:Le Center
Mailing City:Waterville
License Information
License Level:LSWCorrective Action:No
License Number:9209Disciplinary Action:No
License Status:Voluntary TerminationPublic Non-Disciplinary Administrative Action:No
Original Issue Date:08-14-1991
Expiration Date:08-31-2003
License Status Detail:
Licensing Supervisor Information
No attestation on record.
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2013 Minnesota Statutes


Subdivision 1.Competence.

(a) A social worker must provide services and hold out as competent only to the extent the social worker's education, training, license, consultation received, supervision experience, or other relevant professional experience demonstrate competence in the services provided. A social worker must make a referral to a competent professional when the services required are beyond the social worker's competence or authorized scope of practice.
(b) When generally recognized standards do not exist with respect to an emerging area of practice, including but not limited to providing social work services through electronic means, a social worker must take the steps necessary, such as consultation or supervision, to ensure the competence of the social worker's work and to protect clients from harm.

Subd. 2.Supervision or consultation.

Notwithstanding the completion of supervision requirements as specified in sections 148E.100 to 148E.125, a social worker must obtain supervision or engage in consultation when appropriate or necessary for competent and ethical practice.

Subd. 3.Delegation of social work responsibilities.

(a) A social worker must not delegate a social work responsibility to another individual when the social worker knows or reasonably should know that the individual is not licensed when required to be licensed according to sections 148E.055 and 148E.060.
(b) A social worker must not delegate a social work responsibility to another individual when the social worker knows or reasonably should know that the individual is not competent to assume the responsibility or perform the task.


2007 c 123 s 103,138