Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Victor Atherton and his drinking buddy Sally Shcroer spotted by half a dozen witnesses at the local bar will be held accountable for the physical and mental abuse that Sally Schroer is guilty of against this family

Who ever delegated the second person with psychopath tendencies; "Cari Krenik" in to assisting with Schroer's premeditated crime of terrorizing three small children and a mother who was tortured in captivity  for the sole purpose of soliciting three little children in to doing gross things for Tony and Melissa Dobmeier will also take a dive. The bitch had evidence of abuse and committed perjury to prevent placement in a safe home so the Dobmeier's could make the children do gross things for the ounty attorneys childless family members.

Darrell Pettis was informed there is documentation of the dobmeiers splitting the four year olds head open twice and the evidence of psycho therapy also showing the county attolrneys family members have been abusive to the children and wants the evidence turned over to the state and said he will do nothing to help the children from being sold on the black market to the abusers. Its possible in Le Center you are free to beat babies if you own a car but, if there is no abuse and you are poor , then it is abuse