Saturday, December 28, 2013

Victims of Social Services Unite! Here's a phone number for Title IV E fraud. Sally Schroer, Victor Atherton and Cari Krenik have been Reported...

Here's a phone number for Title IV E fraud.
If you have had a child removed by CPS/JV court and they stated that 'reasonable efforts were made' to prevent or eliminate the need for removal - but reasonable efforts were NOT made - they are committing fraud to get federal funding. PLEASE report it to the feds. The number is 800-447-8477 then option #5. I made my report and it only took a few minutes. I told the intake gal that this is not an isolated incident (because it isn't). There is strength in numbers, so do report this if it happened to you. Having the names of the SS workers and judge who did it will make it go quicker (also their contact numbers).