Sunday, December 22, 2013

This website takes into account rule violations that being said if Le sueur county did not follow all the laws that put The Harris Children in foster care they have violated and misused funds 
for example. Sally Schroer is required to provide physical provable evidence that she entered the home because she had physical witnessed proof that a crime was being committed. All there is for proof is Schroers claim with zero witness back up not even by the police officer or the other occupants of the single dwelling home. Is their proof that Schroer commits crimes and lies to cover up said crime. YES now we have a person who has a tendency to pathologically lie. Not just once but over and over again through out this entire case. 
The officer entered with no documented proof other than word of a provable pathological liar. 
REMOVAL- REQUIRES Proof of imminent danger. They have documented children were removed from a clean, baby proofed, home with zero safety hazards.
Minnesota states Imminent danger  is left unattended in or near a tub of water, Fire, heavy traffic, or any other major safety hazards. 
Minnesota also states poverty related neglect is never maltreatment.
services must be offered before removal.
Services offered before removal NONE
government funding is being used to support children in foster care under laws that do not apply curtessy of assistant County Attorney Megan Gaudette.