Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Support Groups are Largely Needed for Parents being Abused BY The Child Protection System We are Paying For

I am actually seeing parents give up hope and resorting to suicide as a result of criminals working with in this system like Sally Schroer and Cari Krenik and Victor Atherton. The system is equally comparable to psychological entrapment and control over the victim by placing threats to the children, meanwhile you are told if you are abused you are abusing your children and if you have not done it yet its only a matter of time (Victor Atherton 21 years experience and no current training ) You are asked monthly are you ready to throw in the towel yet when the social worker cuts programs to sabotage you (Sally Schoer 15 years experience untrained  abusing people lying looking for loopholes to break established trust partnered with 21 year experienced victor Atherton) Trauma survivor has break down and almost dies and caseworker tags her as an alcoholic rather than accept responsibility for attempted manslaughter (Sally Schroer Child protection worker) Getting abscessed teeth and infection treated and labeled an opiate addict to be ruled out Cari Krenik No experience and dangerous around people who have disabilities and maltreatment of children and committed premeditated criminal intent to harm a person who is considered a protected class and participating in the psychological maltreatment of three children.

A judge who is grossly dangerous when he accuses a formerly tortured in captivity survivor experiencing symptoms of torture of being a drug addict and sells her children despite overwhelming evidence that there is no addiction but symptoms of unregulated emotions coming through which looks like bad behavior. From the abuse and cut services as a result of a hate crime combined with human trafficking