Friday, December 27, 2013

Office for Civil Rights (OCR) at the Department of Health and Human Services Finally had an investigator respond to Complaints!

As long as no one denied the mother representation then there should be no problem.
M. Michael Baxter- Minnesota First Judicial  District Judge For LeSueur County Minnesota
Megan Gaudette -Assistant Le Sueur County Attorney
Susan L Rynda-Department head Le Sueur County Human Service
Lowell Freeman- Le Sueur County Child Protection supervisor
Sally Schroer-Le Sueur County Child Protection case worker
Cari Krenik -Le Sueur County Child Protection case worker
and once reported Darrell Pettis opted to not investigate and told Ms Bracken if you don't like it take us to court.

They will want proof of any services denied. there is no problem of clear convincing evidence that will show Sally Schroer broke in to this mothers home because she was poor. Sally Schroer takes the children out of the home because the mother was to poor to have a phone and had concerns her children would infect her neighbors children

the law clearly states poverty related is not maltreatment and victor Atherton decides that it is. Atherton also shares a hate for poor people based on his interview with the mother.

 no services offered prior to removal
 her home broken in to three different times
no imminent danger but removal that results in every member of the family to experience mental break downs and forced to sleep on the streets in the middle of winter
forced in to unnecessary programs
and denied programs that applied because they reunited parent and child which would have a negitive effect on the children being sold to the baby beating dobmeiers