Sunday, December 22, 2013


2013 Minnesota Statutes


Subdivision 1.Competence.

(a) A social worker must provide services and hold out as competent only to the extent the social worker's education, training, license, consultation received, supervision experience, or other relevant professional experience demonstrate competence in the services provided. A social worker must make a referral to a competent professional when the services required are beyond the social worker's competence or authorized scope of practice.
(b) When generally recognized standards do not exist with respect to an emerging area of practice, including but not limited to providing social work services through electronic means, a social worker must take the steps necessary, such as consultation or supervision, to ensure the competence of the social worker's work and to protect clients from harm.
Mental break down of a mother 
mental break down of a one year old 
mental break down of a four year old
mental break down of a 6 year old 
homelessness in the middle of winter 
breaking and entering in to a home because the person is poor 
forced in to doing services for having break down due to losing kids and facing homelessness in the middle of winter. 
prolonged forced separation and parental alienation 
cut medical 
cut housing 
denied parent classes because it interfered with the sale of children 
told i am done helping you
perjury to assist with sale of children 
perjury to prevent being reunited with family that would allow others to be involved 
acknowledgement of children enduring  psychological abuse in foster care and developmental delays 
county committed perjury endangering the children and is attempting to push placement with people who have been abusing children 

placement was made with foster care providers despite the dangerous environment to the children s well being. worker ignored 4 yr old child being lied to about mommy being a crack head, lied to cover up the terror and begging the children had when judge and gal and county workers used the abusive method of parental alienation on the children reducing visits to 4 hours a week. in a confined room to help the mother with parenting skills.  

was in the best interest with the people who have a documented history of psychological abuse that resulted in causing developmental delays placing children at high risk for attachment disorders personality disorders, developmental delays, debilitating anxiety, and addiction.  

removal of children with no imminent danger because the parent is poor and arrives at court house on foot. has painted nails but no cell service 

Subd. 2.Supervision or consultation.

Notwithstanding the completion of supervision requirements as specified in sections 148E.100 to 148E.125, a social worker must obtain supervision or engage in consultation when appropriate or necessary for competent and ethical practice.

Subd. 3.Delegation of social work responsibilities.

(a) A social worker must not delegate a social work responsibility to another individual when the social worker knows or reasonably should know that the individual is not licensed when required to be licensed according to sections 148E.055 and 148E.060.
(b) A social worker must not delegate a social work responsibility to another individual when the social worker knows or reasonably should know that the individual is not competent to assume the responsibility or perform the task.


2007 c 123 s 103,138