Monday, December 9, 2013

Support groups for CPTSD

I seen your post in the CPTSD group, I really want to respond... The simple answer is if she already has CPTSD it is likely that her children being taken will cause it to get about the worse that it can get. My heart avsolutely aches for her!! She needs as much support as possible, understand her even when you don't, CPTSD is said to be the emotional cancer and will and often just swallows you up. Good doctors, good medicine and a good therapist is what she needs, but more than anything she needs her babies!! All my love and best wishes for you all!! Audrey



Le Sueur County child protection has employees such as Krenik and Schroer who have been actually psychologically abusing three very young children; as well as a mother with a disability To such a degree it meets the definition of maltreatment and has placed them in the care of unstable unfit human beings forcing the children to role play in the couples delusion. It is absolutely disturbing how this county had adult after adult ignore the severe abuse of these children even with the red flags. of course the county will pay for life long therapy and they will never know poverty again by the time the law suit is done. Le Sueur County will be furnishing a rather large home once they are milked dry.

Sally Schroer and Cari Krenik Tony and Melissa Dobmeier are now doing this to Eugenie Harris three children. How do you stop child protection services in Le Sueur County from abusing children. They are dangerously uneducated in the knowledge and know how when it comes to mental health. They almost killed a young boy and a 27 year old mother. The children of the mother will require drugs to numb them from the abuse and this is just a bottle with pressure building in it for those boys who are going to have severe reactions to torcher which has been seen to date as they escalate in level of emotional disturbance and they are showing signs of developmental delays. Krenik and Schroer are the kind of people who dehumanise and look down on victims for their struggles and will violate and committ premeditated crimes against them and their children. The supervisor over looks perjury and violated laws by his employees and head of human service responds with a scare tactic letter.

Hi Audrey I am aware the only chance she has is if her family remains intact. I am also aware she did the best that she could given the fact that two social workers had been committing a premeditated crime against her. It says in Miss Bracken's Notes that she sat down in a meeting with Cari Krenik, Eugenie Harris, Rose Valdez GAL and the treatment counselor; To explain that the therapists had said this wont work if her family is threatened. Treatment cannot begin until her kids are safe. She also said if they were going to continue using a system that replicates domestic violence that she will need treatment for the CPTSD and medication. The duo diagnosis clinic said if she takes medication to get her through the abusive system Krenik was using on her, then they cannot help her. The county was insisting she was an addict and it actually appeared her use was the result of the abuse the county put her through during times of break down. Ms Bracken explained it is better for the mother if she is being treated for the root cause of the problem.