Sunday, December 22, 2013

Merry Christmas Judge M Michael Baxter

Your judicial complaint is in the morning mail. I have heard the board is lenient when you prevent people from having the opportunity to speak. In order to force a preferred outcome.

When judges disregard the law to harm a disabled person

judges who provide special waiting areas for unstable couple who used your court room like a shopping center for  to buy children.

judges who think it is acceptable to take an order from mentally disturbed people who are requesting you to get rid of a mother to keep her children

Also heard testimony that kids have escalated in emotional disturbance over a period of a year.

then rather then doing your job you took extended time to not do your job and signed off on a document supplied by a person who did not attend the hearing which perjured 48 out of 50 statements.

actually I was just teasing these are all items that piss the board off. I have read the reasons they take a judge down and oddly enough you engaged in multiple violations that piss them off.

Merry Christmas Judge M Michael Baxter I hope you are spending it with your family because you broke the law and violated the rights of the mother to sell her children to your chosen friends mentally unstable family members the childrens developmental delays have gotten worse and they will not be with their mother they are with people who tell 4 year olds their mother is a crack head.