Friday, December 6, 2013


The facebook page is doing great and I just heard local papers are interested in covering the lawsuit against the county.

Eugenie harris had a social worker break in to her home on september 21st she then conducted an illegal interview with the child.

she went outside called an officer who arrived in under a minute then the pair together broke ion to the home and conducted an illegal search.

They removed three children who had been left unattended for 15 minutes.  there mother was worried about not calling her three sick kids in to school. she is poor and did not have a phone. the removal was brutal and emotionally terrorizing for all three children and the mother. Though there was no imminent danger according to the law the childrens circumstance did meet imminent danger. The removal was illegal.

sally schroer breaks in to the home a third time on september 28 2012  according to the police report

shari solheim sends email to counselor saying mom is to stupid to parent i heard she was going to all these appointments now but who knows.

the Assistant county attorney used laws that did not apply to place the children in foster care. The worked out well for the actual county attorney because his childless family members want to keep the mothers children, and they place an order for the county worker to get rid of the mother so they can keep her children wtf!!! The deluded couple start telling the kids to call them mommy and daddy and introduced them as their children to family members. The children just want their mom. despite the childrens distress county workers start lying saying it does not exist..The judge hands out royal waiting areas for the baby buyers and you watch the man take down a traumatized mother over and over and then he severed her rights for not haveing money for a phone.

it cannot be for drugs because the law states that there must be evidence it impaired her ability to parent no drugs involved

sally schroer abusing the trauma survivor actually almost killed her when she snapped having a break down

Cari Krenik and Sally Schroer ,,,,,,
Criminal intent may be further categorized as either “direct” or “oblique.” Defined as a desire to commit a specific act in the expectation that it will result in a specific outcome, the former may be used to prove premeditation. For instance, an individual who purchases a firearm and uses it in a mugging exhibits direct intent to threaten another with deadly force. Or a social worker committing perjury and denying services to a protected class......

guardian ad litem asking the mother to donate her babies to the deluded couple forcing the kids to role play in a very disturbing way 

Law Dictionary: