Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Le Sueur County Officials are exploiting and soliciting the services of Children to their childless family members with documentation that it has caused psychological damage

It may be because The County attorney's wife is related to a woman who has been driving the Harris children to school on a daily basis and telling a grieving four year old that his mommy is crack head! That is why he is in the process of being sold by Tony and Melissa Dobmeier who have been forcing the emotionally disturbed children to perform grotesque rolls to get their rocks off. They even convinced rtheir entire family to perform in their fantasy or delusion to get their rocks off. What the couple made clear in a court room is it never mattered what price the children paid as long as they performed the roles they were meant to perform.

Mr Dobmeier the pig that he is stood up in court acknowledging the children's pain that Baxter court ordered through use of parental alienation to abuse the children further. Only Mr Dobmeier blamed the mother so he could feel like a hero. The one thing is sure I read the our transcripts that ordered the mother to 80+ hours a week of doing mindless shit that had nothing to do with why the social worker broke the law. then a police officer broke the law and then the social worker broke the law and then a ounty attorney committed fraud to rip off the government by using laws that did not apply to falsely imprison children to then solicit and exploit them with proof of their psychological damage so rih baby beaters like tony and Melissa Dobmeier can continue with documented evidence torture children in to playing sick roles to get their rocks off. All we know is if you are related to the county attorney with evidence of abuse and the solicitation of small children is easy to get away with because the board members acting in their professional role hang up on people with safety concerns which was witnessed on speaker phone and recordeed to present to the state board

on the the children by using the sadistic method of parental alienation