Sunday, December 22, 2013

Le Sueur County Cari Krenik and Sally Schroer have actually provided documented evidence they have abused a 2, 5, and seven year old.

If I am interpreting the law properly that evidence will put Sally Schroer and Cari Krenik in a lot of trouble and anyone who was informed Lowell Freeman, Sue Rynda, and Darrel Pettis on up to charging the judge who was negligent and allowing the children to endure further abuse when they should have never been removed from the mother from the beginning. That is what makes Cari Krenik such a sadistic Bitch she had the option to stop the abuse and let it continue. The evidence of perjury will be submitted to the Nicolette county Attorney office. All of it because Ms Bracken was ruled out over not having a back ground check the date it was told to the judge that she had one and the letter she sent to Mr Freeman due to the criminal activities the county workers were engaging in she did not trust that Le Sueur County would not try to harm her.

We have evidence of Sally Schroer telling a treatment center Miss Bracken had harmed the mothers progress and made her paranoid she repeatedly writes documents saying that her county attorney is to have no contact with her and does not explain that it was because miss bracken brought forth proof of criminal activity the worker had committed against the mother while Schroer abused the mothers children.

So it is my understanding documents were copied and sent out to all the programs that schroer made that statement to with the evidence of her committing crimes against the mother and proof of the abuse she has been putting three small babies through.

All of schroers paper work has been retrieved from the local papers and among those items were proof of kreniks involvement in committing crimes against the mother and that she engaged in abusing a 2 year old, 5 and 7 year old for the purpose of selling them with county tax dollars instead of using for families who have parent who struggle because they were tortured.