Monday, December 9, 2013

Judge M Michael Baxter Either Committed Perjury With Premeditated Intent To Harm The Mother or Did He Sign Off On Perjury

What I thought was Interesting about the finding of Facts that was written up was the large amount of perjury it contained. It looked like something Sally Schroer would write up and she is a pathological liar and has a 13 year long history of abusing children and adults who were tortured as children.

The entire defence made Sally Schroer look like she herself may have been doing some drugs on the side as it was pointed out over and over in the hearings with regards to no education being offered to the mother. Schroer herself admits that she offers nothing for education to the mother on the stand. Yet as person after person goes on the stand they are questioned over and over what kind of education did you include. The answer always none and they all responded yes when asked if she had education would it have corrected the conditions.

 That being said why would the judge write in the finding of facts that the mother did not participate in  parental education. The judge even sits up and asks wait a minute the county did not offer any education and they said no .

Also the false claim about the back injury? When during the TPR everything was covered with proof she went to the dentist. So who ever wrote that was not participating in the hearings. Say for example Cari Krenik was not in those hearings and the finding of facts have one major indicator that she wrote them and the judge signed off on them without ever reviewing evidence. That I will not reveal here but it is being sent to the judicial review board with speculation the judge signed off with out doing his job. SO it is possible it was krenik that committed the forty some statements of bullshit and the judge did not review any thing and just passively signed off., The judge also knew that Bracken had also had a back ground check prior to that hearing krenik did not yet it was in the finding of facts that she did not. the judge also received a letter From Bracken stating the kids would not be around people like chris bracken, sally schroer or cari krenik. It is not in their best interest to be around abusive individuals until they receive help for their mental issues that cause them to be abusive and commit either physical or psychological violence against others. Its seems strange how Chris Bracken and Sally Schroer and Cari Krenik are so much alike. Chris Bracken lashed out at them for protecting his girlfriend's children and they lashed out at Chris for getting in the way of their crime against the children and mother. All of them are Dangerous and cannot live with in the law and are incredibly abusive. I have to admit The Bracken kid at least his rage was focussed on the attackers he knew schroer was trying to comitt a premeditated crime against a protected class citizen and was abusing her. Schroer was just trying to sell the mothers children despite the fact that it is illegal to falsify documents lie in a court of law break in to peoples homes three time and abduct children abuse people with disabilities abuse children