Wednesday, December 25, 2013


People with personality disorders also appear more likely to make false statements. Because of the thought process of a personality disorder, the person experiences interpersonal rejection or confrontation much more deeply than most people. Therefore the person has great difficulty healing and may remain stuck in the denial stage, the depression stage, or the anger stage of grief — avoiding acceptance by trying to change or control the other person.
Lying may be justified in their eyes — possibly to bring a reconciliation. (This can be quite convoluted, like the former wife who alleged child sexual abuse so that her ex-husband’s new wife would divorce him and he would return to her — or so she seemed to believe.) Or lying may be justified as a punishment in their eyes. Just as we have seen that an angry spouse may kill the other spouse, it is not surprising that many angry spouses lie under oath. There is rarely any consequence for this, as family court judges often believe the truth cannot be known — or that both are lying.

For Example: Cari Krenik
 had to write up 48 false statements to justify further prolonging the abuse of the Harris children. according to the case plans when Psychopath Sally Schroer removed the children and placed them with the Tony and Melissa Dobmeier they all experienced mental breakdowns as a result of sally Schroer breaking in to the home. The mental breakdowns lasted for weeks. The child psychologist documented that the children were at a severity level of 18 for emotional disturbance. this was also directly connected with the mental breakdowns that were described in the case plan. So the number 18 is very severe and a child experiencing this level of emotional disturbance will cause mental damage to the child if the child does not find relief from the abuse. over a period of a year the children escalated to a severity level of 24 that means, the people in charge of their care are extremely dangerous to the point they should be in prison. Cari Krenik committed perjury to stop family from getting the kids and they were completely cut off from their mother so Tony and Melissa who have been emotionally abusing the children so badly that they have been experiencing developmental delays. So does Cari Krenik have anti social tendencies does she experience some kind of psychological pleasure through her continued act of perjury and cutting services to a mother with a disability and the psychological torture of three little babies. It would seem Krenik is a threat to any child or vulnerable adult. At the end of this making sure people like tony and Melissa Dobmeier never have another child placed in their care is important. they are so messed up in the head they terrorize children by forcing them to role play and telling them that they are going to prevent them from going back to their mommy,.

 Sally Schroer likely a psychopath she commits a crime by breaking and entering conducts an illegal interview, Knows she broke the law and goes back out side and lied to the officer about the circumstances in which she entered the home. If the baby did cry it was because Schroer broke in to the private residence scaring the toddler. Babies can sense EVIL. Sally Schroer is just as dangerous as Cari Krenik who looks for legal loopholes to keep the children in a dangerous environment (Tony and Melissa Dobmeier's home)

documentation  which was assessed  by a child psychologist showing the couple who own a car and a house have been psychologically terrorizing the Harris children forcing them to play demented roles so they can get their rocks off and at the same time telling the children that they w


kids as the psychologist testified these kids are not getting any better they are getting worse. The report also shows children at the time of abduction happy healthy and well adjusted all experienced mental break downs the continued abuse tony and Melisa Dobmeier have been putting the children through. 
Just as an active alcoholic or addict blames others for their substance abuse, those with personality disorders are often preoccupied with other people’s behavior while avoiding any examination of their own behavior. Just as a movie projector throws a large image on a screen from a hidden booth, those with personality disorders project their internal conflicts onto their daily interactions — usually without knowing it. All the world is a stage — including court.
It is not uncommon in family court declarations for one with a personality disorder to claim the other party has characteristics which are really their own (“he’s manipulative and falsely charming” or “she’s hiding information and delaying the process”), and do not fit the other party. Spousal abusers claim the other is being abusive. Liars claim the other is lying. (One man who knew he was diagnosed with a Narcissistic Personality Disorder claimed his wife also had an NPD simply because she liked to shop.)
How Family Court Fits Personality Disorders

Sally Schroer accuses Anita Bracken of causing Eugenie Harris to fall backwards in her treatment when it was obvious Schroer had cut services to keep her from completing the tasks and caused her to have a breakdown and stopped her kids from going to the parenting portion even though that was just as illegal as breaking and entering lying about the initial break in and then breaking and entering a second time going through peoples drawers and conducting illegal interviews. Then breaking and entering a third time. abducting children with no imminent danger. other than herself breaking and entering in to a private residence. A predator like Schroer and Krenik are considered to be imminent danger to any child.