Thursday, December 26, 2013

I found a Video of a Judge who is fighting for patriotism, this judge outs Judges like M Michael Baxter who is using his position to commit crimes against the poor and provide children to his personal friends

I am trying to get the video to upload. He explains when you are stunned and shocked to see a judge violate a vulnerable citizen, you should not be. He said if you look through the judges case history you will find him committing crimes against people in the same way with a similar issue.

So how many mentally unstable freaks are shopping and placing orders for children in Judge M Michael Baxter's court room. Is Baxter limiting these services to his personal friends and their unstable family members who have a year worth of reports showing they have been psychologically abusing The Harris Children? Why are the children screaming in terror when they have to return to the foster care home.