Wednesday, December 25, 2013

I cannot find any other county in Minnesota involved in child trafficking like Le Sueur county. Why is Darrell Pettis insisting it is fine for schroer to abuse the disable and hildren

Darrell Pettis Le Sueur county board member hangs up on caller concerned about safety of children who have been being abused by his colleagues (Brent Christian Le Sueur county Attorney) childless family members Tony and Melissa Dobmeier. He claimed he did not care that a teen in the care of Le Sueur County CPS worker attempted suicide as a result of Le Sueur County untrained case workers. So the participation of dangerous acts by untrained workers along with numerous near deaths of vulnerable citizens is not important.  who knows maybe he also believes people with disabilities and who do not own cars are human waste in society . The people employed by Le Sueur county have been aggressive in their belief that people who do not own cars or cannot hold a job because they are disabled do not deserve anything. Only I pay taxes to help those people Pettis uses my taxes to comitt fraud solicit and traffic the services of minor children to get his colleagues family members off. despite the evidence of abuse. let it continue