Saturday, December 7, 2013

County Attorney used laws that do not apply is there recourse

I am being told if it was a one sided hearing and the judge accepted them then it should be reported to the judicial board Or we are suppose to file a complaint for professional mis misconduct with the bar and we might be able to sue the lawyer who committed fraud to extort foster care funds

I am not sure which attorney did use the laws that do not apply to place the children in foster care I donated the mothers paperwork to a reporter and won't get them back until monday.

Once I get the name of the lawyer who held a secret trial to place children in custody over a poverty related issue than I will proceed with both to see if there is any resolve

this is seriously messed up when this many county officials ban together to break the law to supply children to people who are clearly unfit to care for children.

The woman they attacked to rape her of her children has spent most of her life tortured in captivity and these people if you can even identify them as people who are county, government, and state officials participated in  isolating and violating her in to failing something she did not legally have to do to begin with. This is a sick sick sick crime against one citizen in this community. Look what they are doing to these kids while the mother struggles to get up every day to find a reason to breathe.

Judge M Michael Baxter

Head of Human service Susan Rynda

Supervisor of child protection Lowell Freeman

Assistant LE Sueur County Attorney Megan Gaudette (This lady actually shows up to watch after stepping down ) Once it was discovered that the actual County attorney had been keep the mothers children in his home for the weekend

Melissa Dobmeier - Foster care provider
Tony Dobmeier - foster care provider
Sally Schroer - Baby Broker working as a Child Protection worker
Cari Krenik-Baby Broker also working as a child protection worker
Rose Valdez -sales person for baby brokers and guardian ad litem

Look what they are putting a two year old through 
she cant even see her mommy anymore. they sold her to a crazy couple .